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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kwame is sick of it, and I'm sick of him

Ok, Kwame Kilpatrick is in jail. I think he knew he was in trouble, based on Channel 4 WDIV's footage from his arrival at Metro Detroit last night.

The former mayor, well, I like disgraced mayor more, had a look of 'I don't need this shit anymore' when the camera appeared in front him as he tried to exit the airport.

I'm not saying that I knew then he was going away, but he looked like he was sick of this state, the city, the media and this entire mess. Today in court, as the judge lectured him, he looked like he knew the answer for sure. The defendant did not gasp when the judge let the prison sentence been known (in a highly and effective dramatic method, I must add).

But now that he's in prison, I again feel sick of the story. I can't imagine anyone in the political or judicial system willing to risk anything to help him, so I imagine his appeals will go nowhere. I don't even see anyone wanting to rush to parole him, though a strained and shrinking system might mandate his release in a bit over a year, if they can say at the time that that simply what happens in these cases.

I just don't see anyone putting their necks on the line to help the guy.

On another note, here's some of the better Tweets on the subject:

Kwame Kilpatrick makes it big on Twitter

Of The Oakland Press
Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit’s disgraced former mayor and Michigan’s newest state prisoner, cracked the top 10 Tweet trends on Tuesday for a short while in the late morning.
Here are some of the better comments people made on Twitter:
  • stevefmiller: “Kilpatrick is going to prison!! LOL Its about time!”
  • rethinkdetroit: “Good riddance.”
  • Esther A Mameyaa: “THANKS FOR defaming THE NAME ‘KWAME’ (jerk).”
  • Ironman0509: “There is justice after all.”
  • Mark_R3 (Mark Rabinowitz): “Kwame Kilpatrick’s back behind bars! Yes!”
  • JeffNoricks: “I wonder if Kwame Kilpatrick still thinks he’s being setup for a comeback?”
  • Cheesecake_King: “SpongeBob thought Kwame was going to jail bcuz he Kilpatrick.”
  • NicoleCiara: “Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of Detroit has to do 5yrs in jail! Keep him and his family in your prayers!”
  • bestchannelnews (Rose Best): “Design Your own Kilpatrick. It’s time to stop chasing former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatricks empty promises.”
  • JKsWhoppergirl: “Finally, Kwame Kilpatrick has to face the facts that he’s got to follow rules like the rest of us.”
  • tonni06: “YES, Kwame Kilpatrick finally got what he deserves. JAIL TIME”
  • fabulousstar: “Kwame Kilpatrick gave an Academy Award performance in court today, but justice prevailed.”
  • bomani_jones: “his delusional hip-hop fantasy is complete.”
  • DanWetzel: “Michigan AD David Brandon much better at articulating his defense than Kwame Kilpatrick.”
  • manny_lopez: “I bet Kwame thinking the ‘conspiracy’ against him continues. About time he realize only one person at fault & it’s not ‘the man.’”
  • “#Kwame was wrong. But really the prosecutor has ruined all chances of collecting the $ for Detroit. Who will hire him after this?”
  • MichiganPete: “Whenever a clown retires, someone has some pretty big shoes to fill.”
By early afternoon, the former mayor dropped off the Twitter top 10 trend.

OK, the last one may not have been specifically about the former mayor, but it’s close enough to being appropriate. Stephen Frye is Online Editor at The Oakland Press. You can follow him on @stevefrye. You can also get the latest news fast by following @TheOaklandPress or any of our reporters on Twitter.


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