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Monday, June 29, 2009

What about Iraq?

Many worried about Farrah Fawcett not receiving enough attention because she had the misfortune of dying hours before Michael Jackson.
I don't think so, as her career was minor compared to his. She was an icon but known more for her celebrity than her body of work, and she was carried across front pages across the world and primetime broadcast specials as part of the Jackson coverage.
But what about Iraq?
Remember that story, kind of a big deal during that monstrous presidential election?
Well, we're starting to leave and today (their time) they were handed over control over policing their cities. 
Remember the entire debate about a firm deadline or a general but unstated plan, goals versus a date?
Well, it's June 30 in Iraq. The date's here and the pull out has started.
It'll take a while, but now we've got Iran and Honduras melting down and North Korea remains the crazed drunken driver on this global highway.
Of course, we've still got to find out about the tickets to Michael Jackson's tour and reimbursements, and then there's the funeral.


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