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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't go on Nancy Grace

It's a simple premise really: Don't go on Nancy Grace.
There are some simple rules in criminal justice. For instance, if
your spouse dies, assume you'll be questioned and looked at. If it's
not an obvious case, you'll be looked at closely.
Also, if a child dies, investigators naturally look at who was caring
for the child and a parent is to be examined.
And even if there is an obvious culprit, investigators look at
parents and their reaction to potential abuse, asking, Why was this
allowed to go on.
In the Oakland County Circuit Court, which I covered for about four
years, I saw dozens of cases of parents charged criminally or with
neglect when a child was abused by a boyfriend or some other family
member or friend.
It's natural and it makes sense to look at those closest to the child
or other victim.
So what is the mother of Nevaeh Buchanan, whose body police confirmed
was found late last week alongside a river, going onto the Nancy
Grace show?
She is one of the most opinionated news characters, going first with
opinion before any fact crosses the airwaves. And that works because
usually it is the parents and spouses. It's easy to accuse them,
while winking and pretending to be open-minded.
And we've all known about the sex offender (boy)friend, so of course,
Miss Nancy is going to jump on that and not let go like a hungry dog.
I'm not defending the mother; I'm just curious why she would go and
then flee the show, decrying the misrepresentations.
A show like Grace's is not looking for facts, just outrage and opinion.
I rarely watch Grace, but we passed it by this weekend and she went
from talking about the Navaeh case to boasting about her twins with
pictures. It's very disgusting.
Of course, the best part was the local video footage of the mom's
uncle pounding on the hotel room door to end the segment and the one
minute or more spent trying to remove the mikes. All very Jerry
Springer like.
Way to go CNN.


Blogger Karen Workman said...

I saw that too and stopped on it, which I usually do not do because I think Nancy Grace is horrible. My thought is, CNN must be paying people. Why else would someone put themselves in that situation?

June 24, 2009 at 6:50 AM 

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