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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's troubles will be forgotten, but not Phil Spector's

Michael Jackson, I believe, will go down in history as an incredibly
gifted performer (dancer, beat maker and singer) who was also a bit
eccentric, adding to his legend.
The stuff about the children will be a short-lived anti-Jackson bias
that will disappear as time passes.
And it should be that way.
Michael Jackson was never convicted of a crime, and he was tried.
It's not like an allegation disappeared into a politically charged
investigation. A jury acquitted him of all charges, after everything
was laid out for the public to absorb.
And in the end, his appearance was freakier than the allegations.
Of course, there was the earlier allegation, but that kid took the
money. And all that can be said, I think, is that Jackson, because of
his eccentric behavior, was a very big target for extortion.
The fact that the mother of his second accuser had previously sued
someone else, well, that makes her look like an opportunistic
Sorry, but that's how it looks.
I'm no fan of Jackson. In fact, I can only list Beat It and Billie
Jean as songs I've listened to and liked. Never cared for Thriller
and never saw the video all the way through. Weird Al had a bigger
impact on me.
But Jackson's legacy will be of his being a child star who carried
the starpower to the next level, going from 11-year sensation to
world-dominating chart-topper.
His nonstop journey through the tabloids and then the court system
will be a footnote, showcasing the power he held over the public.
On the other hand, superfreak super-producer Phil Spector will go
down as a freak for his gun-toting and standoffish ways. He killed a
woman, a jury ruled, and will likely die in prison. On the side, he
created the Wall of Sound and produced albums for numerous acts,
including the Beatles.
While he could be considered a background guy, doomed to have his
talents and contributions forgotten, I disagree. It's because he is a
murderer that he will be known for killing someone. Michael Jackson
was not a child molester, a jury found. He was a superstar singer,
And speaking of Super Freaks, Rick James will go down more for his
troubles — cocaine, kidnapping, sexual assault — than his beats,
because... again, he was convicted.
Juries do matter.
And what you do will affect your reputation, carrying with you into
your grave.


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