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Friday, May 14, 2010

People care and are commenting

Evidence that people do care about their communities can be found within the list of our most commented stories.

This week, for a bit, all of the top stories involved cuts to school districts and city services. And the comments get better in those stories. Oh, they are plenty angry and filled with vile and insults. But it's not as bad as national stories or crime stories. People are debating an issue that will likely impact every resident of Oakland County.

I've noticed the trend since Troy led off by foreseeing massive cuts around the corner. Well, initially, they talked about a shortfall, and city leaders tried to get voters to approve a tax hike. It failed miserably and now the talks are all on closures and layoffs.

But Troy is not alone. Bloomfield Hills (city and school district), Rochester schools, Novi schools, Madison Heights' police, Royal Oak police, Pontiac schools and city hall, and Clarkston police have all been impacted so far by falling property tax revenues due to property values free fall. Beverly Hills is wondering about a tax hike. Bloomfield Township barely passed one.

When will your community face it? From our polls, more people favor cutting services instead of raising taxes, and community and school leaders better face the facts.

Feel free to join the conversation.

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