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Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't blame the phone

OK, it's a lot of fun to blame texting and phones for distracted driving, and I'm not denying that texting while driving is a problem. Distracted driving as a whole is the problem.

This was a hot topic due to the governor signing the ban into law, something I wonder about but accept without the fire that smokers have shown with the smoking ban.

But for Oprah Winfrey to make a call for cars to be a cell phone free zone is stupid. I do understand that she's talking about drivers, not cars. But just as transportation is the key to economic success in this country, so too is communication.

So, let's push for better communication devices to be used WITH cars and minivans and trucks. Just as Detroit and other automakers saw the need to use satellite radio and iPods, they should take the lead and partner with communication companies.

They should have been doing this already, before laws become necessary. And I wonder how long this law will be relevant. You're allowed to make a phone call but not send a text. But aren't they just about the same for most phones now, clicking through your device to find the right process?

I think distractions should be minimized, but car companies should have the lead in making their vehicles for efficient and safer. They can do it, but we should first encourage them and then let them.

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